The research behind this book spans three years and more than two-hundred hours of interviews by (and thousands of emails with) the author. Additional information was extracted from thirty-five years of newspaper, magazine, and journal articles, as well as TV interviews and film documentaries. Some background information was extracted from web-based sources, and while all of these will be included below and in the book, the web is replete with inaccuracies and was predominantly used to start a path of more refined exploration. Follow those links at your own discretion. In an effort both to conserve paper and to make the bibliography useful for other researchers, it is available to view online here.

By keeping the bibliographic references online and searchable, it also makes it possible to add relevant links and additional information as it is uncovered. The book is not only an exciting story but an oral history from the many people included. History is a living thing and the web will ensure that.